Friday, November 18, 2005

The New Job

(The beautiful girl in the picture is my adorable neice, Kiersten. My brother's ex sent me some great new pics of her.. ain't she cute??) Well, I'm one week in to my new position. I'm absolutely LOVING IT!!!! My boss is a very awesome women that I know is going to be a great person to work for. Things are a lot slower paced than when I was in the legal dept. but I think things will pick up the more I move into the position. I pretty much get to make my own hours which is totally AWESOME!! I got to get off early today (Friday) which was great. In my old position that was never allowed. My boss goes on vacation next week, and I get to get a laptop and work some from home. Things couldn't be better ;)

Things at home are also great. I'm getting excited about the holidays. We put the kids' toys on layaway a couple of weeks ago. I can't wait till next Friday when I can start decorating the house. Christmas is my FAVORITE holiday. I try to go all out, even though we really can't afford it. I just can't wait for this time next year when we will be in our nice big house getting ready for Christmas.

We're going to be having Thanksgiving at my parent's house. This will be just a small taste for Steve for what holidays are like with my parents. He's really not into holidays, but I'm hoping the kids and my parents will help bring him around a little on that. They love to have a good time this time of year.

Well, that's all for now.. till next time ;)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Life is Good

Wow.. a month has past. (The picture is of my beautiful children dressed for Halloween, well my daughter is my son didn't dress up on that day) I should really try and keep up with this thing better. I have some more wonderful news to share with you all:

A week ago, I had an interview with a V.P. of a new dept that is being implemented in the company. For those that don't know, I work for Wal-Mart at the Home Office. I've been there a little over a year. The dept is called Benefit Strategies and Communications. It's basically a dept that is going to try and help with all the bad media and stuff we get about our wages and benefits. It's working very close with Public Relations and Corporate Affairs. I didn't know any of this before I went to the interview, as I hadn't even applied for the job. Somehow, the V.P. got a hold of my resume and called me in for an interview.

She was a very nice woman. I liked her very much. We basically talked and laughed through the whole interview. Very little of it actually focused on work. I went back to work with a great feeling. She had told me that I would have my answer in a couple of days. A couple of days went by with no word, I emailed the recruiter and she said that the V.P. had been very busy and unable to get the decision made. I decided to give it a couple more days. A week later, I sent another email to the recruiter and was told that she had decided to continue interviewing. I was pretty upset, being that I had been sure that she liked me.

Well, apparently that had been a decoy to push me off track... I received a phone call from the recruiter the next day that I had the job. I almost cried!!! So, I am now a V.P. (Vice President in case you don't get that part) Assistant!!! This is a very big promotion from me. I have been told by lots of people that it is very unusual for someone to move up that fast in the company... but I DID IT!!!!