Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally all moved in!!!

So, we're finally settled into our new house. After a very long day of moving on Saturday - we finally piled everything into the living room. Steve and I then spent the next two days getting everything unpacked. Now, we're all done and enjoying all of our space. The house is so big compared to our last house. Our new house has 3 bedrooms - technically it has 4, but we're using one as an office - 2 baths, huge living room and kitchen, formal dining area, nestled in the middle of 5 wooded acres. It's beautiful out here.

Last night, we took the kids to open house at their new school. They got to meet their new teachers, and are very excited about starting school on Monday. I think Steve is equally excited - as he will now have the house all to himself again during the day.

Work is going good. I've started doing some project managment work for the People department, which is Wal-Mart's version of Human Resources. The People Manager I'm working with is really nice, and I think he's going to help me a lot in my development. My boss is on vacation this week, and she will be back in the office next week. She's been really supportive of me working with People to enhance my learning and experience.

Online studies are going great. I'm learning a lot - and there is a lot of work to do. It's very overwhelming at the amount of studying I'm doing, but I'm enjoying it very much. Being out here in the woods should help me with my concentration and ability to enhance my meditation skills. Right now, I'm learning a lot about Pagan Gods and Goddesses which is extremely interesting. I had no idea there were so many of them. History is a class that I'm also enjoying - some really interesting stuff is being covered.

Well, that's the update on me right now.. Till next time. :)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

I hate moving - but excited!!

Well, the time has finally come. We're moving today!! It felt like this day was never going to come, but it did. Steve is busy moving his parents into their new house. I finished up the packing here and am now waiting on him to come and pick me up to go and help them. I hate packing and moving with a passion - but I'm excited about it. It will soon all be over and I can enjoy unpacking in our new house. The kids are so excited. They get their own bedrooms, and their rooms are HUGE!!! They have 5 acres of back yard to keep them amused, so I think it's going to be so good for them. We've been having some problems with Brayden lately. He's been lying a lot about stupid stuff. I just really hope lying isn't a hereditary trait - cause if it is... we're screwed!! LOL His sperm donor is a pathological lier. He lies about stupid stuff too - either to make himself look good, or everyone else look bad. Sometimes, his lies are so stupid and out there it's very amusing. His stupid ass gives me a good laugh at how pathetic he is sometimes. Anyways, getting back on to subject.... Steve has been so great. He's really excited for the kids too - and I think he's also excited for himself. We're going to finally have a home together and we can be one big happy family. As soon as the move is all over we're going to get back to planning our wedding. I'd really like to be married before the end of the year, and Steve feels the same way. I love him so much. :)

Started my online classes last week. Already done with 2 assignments, and got top grades on both.. so I'm really excited about that. Going to be offline for a couple of days until our DSL gets hooked up at the house - so there's the update so far. Talk to you all soon. :)