Monday, September 26, 2005

Long Weekend

Wow.. what a weekend. I had my little brother and sister come spend the weekend with us. My brother is 8 and my sister is 9. Saturday was my company picnic so Steve and I hauled the kids to that. We had a blast. There was plenty to do for the kids and tons of food. The kids really enjoyed themselves.

After the picnic, my friend and her boyfriend came over. My friend brought her neice over so that she could do my little sister's hair. She had it all braided. It took 4 hours to do.. but it was worth it. She looked really great.

Yesterday, my parents came to pick up my brother and sister.. and to eat dinner. Steve made some GREAT enchiladas. My parents really enjoyed dinner. It was a fun weekend, but it was nice to relax once they had gone.

So.. back to work this morning. I was only there a couple of hours when I got a phone call that my son was running a 102 fever. So, after my long weekend I got to come home and take care of him. It was ok though.. we took a nice nap together on the couch. He's feeling a little better now, so hopefully I will get to go back to work tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


I just had to post the update to my last blog post.....

Yesterday, Friday, the pregnant girl I was talking about yesterday called in sick to work!!! I couldn't believe it. She called me and told me that she had gotten sick while brushing her teeth, and was just feeling horrible.. so she couldn't come to work. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! The kicker was after work, she called me and I asked her how she was feeling. She told me she wasn't feeling sick anymore, but her back was killing her!!!!!!

Come on! She just found out she was pregnant 3 days ago. Before she found out, she had had no symptoms WHATSOEVER!! Now all of a sudden she's so sick she can't come to work.. and her back hurts?????

People like that really piss me off. I can't stand people that use pregnancy as a sickness or disease. I remember being pregnant with my two kids. I LOVED the fact that I got morning sickness... I treasured and savored the moment. It may sound weird.. but I thought it was great. I have a feeling that this is probably going to be mentioned quite a bit in my blogs for the next..oh I don't know..7 MONTHS!!!!

I don't want to keep going on about it. But I now know of 2 people that are unable to have children. It burns my ass that girls like them.. that deserve children.. can't have them... and whiney asses like the girl I know get pregnant on the whim of "trying to save her marriage". I would give anything (not right now, but one day) to be in her shoes. I thought I had kind of got over wanting to have another baby... but now she's just making it worse. The more she bitches and moans about what she's going through, the more I just want to yell at the top of my lungs.. "THINK YOURSELF DAMN LUCKY THAT YOU'RE GETTING TOO!!!!"

There is a very good chance that I will never get to have another baby. This thought makes me very depressed sometimes, but there are valid reasons why this may never happen, and so I accept it. Steve doesn't really want to have kids.. being that we already have 2. That's understandable, and I shouldn't complain... I have a boy and a girl.. so we're pretty set. But the thought of having a child with him is driving me crazy. It was a little whim at first.. kind of a little wish.. but the more I have to deal with this bitch.. the more it's becoming so much more than that. To be pregnant, go through those wonderful nine months.. having the baby and sharing in the most wonderful moments of having a beautiful bundle of joy.... DAMN it's bringing tears to my eyes. I really should stop now. Hopefully I can come up with something a little more bright for my next post. But here's my vent and rave... I'm done.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nothing New

(This adorable lil baby is my boss' new daughter, she was born 3 months early, and is now a beautiful, healthy baby)

Well, it's been over a week since I've posted anything.. so I figured I should. Nothing really new is going on with us. We're planning our wedding slowly, but surely. I'm very excited about it.. I can't wait to get that ring on my finger.. LOL

I should have my engagement ring soon (I hope). At that point, I will truly feel engaged. Not that I don't now.. but it seems very weird to me when I refer to him as my "fiance" and people automatically look toward my ring finger. I know it sounds kind of stupid.. but that's how I feel.

I think I have my maid of honor picked out.. I'm also going to more than likely have to have a matron of honor being that another good friend of mine was kind of hoping for the role. I have a very weird feeling towards this too that probably sounds bad.. but here goes. She just found out she's pregnant... now being that I'm planning on getting married around April.. that's going to put her around 7-8 months pregnant. Now here's where the bad feelings come in... this is going to be MY day (ours.. sorry baby).. but still.. I don't want the attention focused on how cute she looks in her dress... I WANT TO BE THE CENTER OF ATTENTION DAMN IT!!!!!

It's bad enough that I've been feeling so strongly about having another baby lately, but now I have to listen to it everyday from her. She just found out yesterday.. and today all I heard about was how she felt sick, and hungry, and cold... OMG!!! I hate it... it's already driving me crazy with jealousy. Damn this post sounds so bad. I need to stop now. Till next time ;)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

One thing after another

Wow.. what a week I've had. I've come to terms with the fact that when something good happens in my life... it's beaten back by 3 times as many bad things.

For two weeks now, my finance (love saying that) and I have been planning to take our (love saying that kids to the zoo. Wednesday, after work, I had a little car trouble... nothing major.. thought it was a connection to the battery. It didn't start, but got it started after a couple of trys. Didn't have any more problems till Friday. Friday morning comes... the kids and I go out to the car to leave for work/school... car won't start. This time, it's not starting after a couple of trys. The car is just clicking when I try to get it started. So, I call up a friend of mine to come and get me for work. When I get home from work on Friday, I call my mom to tell her about my car problem and she hits me with more bad news. My grandfather had a fall, and broke his hip!!!! Ok, two bad things in one day. My grandfather, my mother told me, was ok. He was scheduled for surgery the next day.

So, Saturday comes... and so does a whole lot more. Steve and I have planned on how we're going to fix the car. He's going to borrow some jumper cables from his brother and see if we can't get the car started that way. He goes to his brother's... his brother can't find his jumper cables. No biggie.. Steve can borrow some from his Dad. He also is going to borrow a jack, being that my piece of shit car has the battery underneath the car instead of on top. So, he comes home from his brother's.. and before he heads to his dad's, he realizes something else wrong with the car. The right front tire has metal showing. AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Ok...another plan. He's going to go borrow the jack and jumper cables... he wants me to find a place that sells used tires while he's gone. I complete that task, and as soon as he gets home he goes to take off of the tire. Guess what???? THE JACK IS TOO BIG!!!! It won't fit under my car. So, we figure we'll jump the car... drive it to the tire shop and get it fixed that way. The car jumps pretty easy... FINALLY something goes right!!!!

Ok... so get this icing to the cake. We get the tire all fixed, the car starts up no problem and we head back to Gentry. I get to the grocery store in Gentry.... I pull in....I'll be God Damned the left front tire is flat as a pancake!!!!!! I lose it. I can't think that anything else can go wrong. We don't have a jack to put the donut on the car, so the car has to stay there. I get extremely pissed off. I call my mom on the verge of tears. Steve was with us with the truck, in case the car wouldn't start, so we all rode home with him.

I'm so lucky to have a great man to make me feel better. I really gave him a hard time when I got home. I was so pissed off that I just wanted to be alone.. and I took my frustration out on him. It's just a good thing he is so wonderful, cause he just ignored it. He left me alone for a while like I asked, but not for long. He was right back in there talking to me, listening to my self pity, and getting me to cheer up. My mom called and told me that my dad was going to come and get the car in the morning and take it back to his house to fix. Also, my grandpa made it out of surgery just fine. Hopefully this will be the end of my bad luck for right now. I know there will be more.. there always is.. but hopefully I can get through this weekend without any more hiccups.