Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Can't Believe I'm Saying This....

I actually can NOT wait for school to start!! Not for my kids, but for ME!! Not because I'm excited to get back into my academics, or be under constant stress due to assignments and projects that need to be done - no, because I'm so ready to get out of the house!!

I've said time and time again how much I love being home with my kids as much as I am. That's still true - I do love being home 5 days a week with my kids. This past week, however, I've been dealing with a sick toddler - and for anyone that has never had to deal with that, just try to imagine those times that you go out to eat or go visit a friend that has "that" child that NEVER stops crying....screeching, screaming, nails down a chalk board kind of cry. That's what it's like taking care of a sick toddler.

It started last weekend when I noticed that Jada was running a fever. She wasn't eating very much, and just wanted to be held. That part doesn't bother me at all. As much as I hate for my kids to be sick, I do love the feeling of being able to comfort them and hold them. That lasted for 2 days, and then I noticed that Jada started getting white blisters on her tongue. That was an indication to go straight to the doctors. I found out she had a viral infection - one that can't be treated with antibiotics. The only thing the doctor was able to do was give me the "good" news that it would last about 5-10 days, it was going to get worse, and be prepared for a very cranky baby because the blisters would start to pop after a few days - and that would be painful. YAY!! **INSERT SARCASM**

The next night, it started. I was up until well after midnight, trying everything in my power to console Jada. I was heartbroken because I knew she was in pain - but there was nothing I could do. I finally got her to sleep well after midnight. Then, I was up at 6am the next morning with her. During the day it wasn't so bad - but late afternoon the screaming started. It takes so much out of me when I know she's in pain, I want more than anything to help her and make her feel better, but she just cries and cries and cries.

This morning, I was woken up at 6:30 by Jada screaming. The screaming has come and gone since then - she'll be happy for a little while, and then she'll start screaming again. I'm hoping that this is the worst of it - cause once the blisters are all gone..she'll be better. I'm just so drained and tired. One plus is that I get to go out tonight with Steve. I found a great babysitter, so we're going to get out of the house for a little while. It will be nice to have some alone time, and adult conversation.

Ok, I'm done ranting - back to it. :)