Wednesday, August 29, 2007

15 Weeks to Go!!

I can't believe I'm already 25 weeks along. That means only 15 weeks to my due date, but probably closer to 13 weeks to delivery. The baby is due the week after finals, that's just a little too perfect.. so of course she'll come early so that it will mess it all up. LOL

Last week, I got the first glimpse of her movement from the outside of my belly. It's so cool to see the little "bops" of my stomach when she kicks, and to see the little lump of a foot or an arm as she moves around. At first Brayden was the only other person besides me to see her moving, which really upset Payton. She thought the baby didn't love her because she never moves or kicks when Payton is around. Last night, baby made it up to Payton. She gave her a good couple of kicks to her hands and cheek (Payton put her head on my tummy) and also gave Payton quite a show of movement. It made Payton feel a lot better.

We still don't have a name for her. I've been on Steve's case about getting a name picked, but he thinks we still have plenty of time to worry about picking a name out. I don't! I just have a horrible feeling that we're going to be scrambling while I'm in labor for a name - and I don't want that to happen.
Well, that's the update for now... more to come soon!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Fat People Can't Have Kids Now???

So, I'm sitting in the living room this morning watching the news while I'm waiting for Steve to come home from work. I basically put it on in the morning for noise while I'm getting ready, but a story that had on this morning made me perk up and pay attention.

A guy in Missouri wanted to adopt his cousin's baby as the cousin was unable to care for the small child. The man already has a 7 year old adopted son, and is a state certified foster parent. A judge denied his petition for full adoption on the sole purpose of... wait for it.... HE'S FAT!!

The story goes on to reveal that the judge has concerns that the 500lb man may get diabetes or other weight related medical issues. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Hearing about this story really pissed me off. I'm an overweight person, I have no problems with diabetes or any other weight problems. What the hell has that got to do with having a child???

My questioning moves on further to ask, now that this poor guy has been denied the right to adopt his cousin - who will care for the child now? The biological parent has stated that she can't care for the child, so what happens now? I suppose they put the child into foster care. We all know that foster care is SO MUCH better than placing the child with biological family members, right?? I am so outraged by this B.S.

I understand that weight can play a part in many health factors, but this poor guy has a very active 7 year old son that he stated he plays with often. The 7 year old is suffering in no way by having an obese father. To say that a person should be denied adoption rights because he "may" get some form of weight health issues is the same as saying someone "may" get cancer, or "may" get hit by a freaking bus. No one can prove that ALL overweight people are going to have health issues.

I just had to get my rant out about this. What's next on the list of what judges can decide??? How utterly ridiculous!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Little Rant

Ok, so everything with the pregnancy is going great except for the fact that I'm experiencing every pregnancy symptom possible. Even though I'm pretty miserable all of the time, I try not to complain too much cause I'm getting exactly what I asked for.. LOL

My biggest beef lately is my not being able to sleep. For the past few weeks, I've grown quite accustomed to not getting much sleep. The main cause is the fact that I'm finding it more and more difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. That much I don't mind. My rant is due to the fact that even though I'm living with the pregnancy problems, I've had to add a major toothache to my list of ailments. I have a wisdom tooth that's impacted, and because it has to be surgically removed I'm stuck with it until after the baby is born. Luckily, the pain comes and goes, but I'm still having to deal with it a few nights a week. The pain is at the worse at night, when I'm laying down. So, on those nights I get absolutely no sleep. Tooth pain is one of the worst pains, in my opinion. It feels like I've been stabbed in the cheek, and no amount of the pregnancy allowable pain meds helps at all. I've completely cut out soda, and drink nothing but water and milk. I find that the smallest amount of sugar makes the pain appear, so I'm trying to avoid that at all costs. I'm most nervous about starting school again next week. Right now, not getting any sleep at night isn't too bad being that my job is very easy - but when I have to start studying all of the time, that I'm a little nervous about.

Well, that's my bitching over for today... till next time folks. ;)

The Weekend

So, I'm bored at work so I figured I'd write a blog. I really need to start doing this on a regular basis, but there just isn't much going on my life right now that I think is very interesting. This past weekend was quite fun-filled. Friday night, my parents came over to spend the weekend. They spent the weekend last weekend too so that Steve and my dad could go fishing, this weekend it was for a cookout and to bring me my recliner and dresser.

My dad decided last weekend that I was in serious need of a recliner due to my feet swelling like balloons after spending the day going to yard sales with my mom. Luckily, my grandpa had a rocker recliner that he wasn't using and decided I could have it. My parents brought it to me Friday night along with a great dresser for the baby. I was miserably hot when they got to the house. The weather lately has been smothering. The humidity is in the record highs and I can't even stand being outside of the house for more than a few minutes. Steve had been in the kitchen cooking dinner for the family for about 2 hours before my parents arrived, so the inside of the house was almost as hot as the outside. After everyone was done eating, the house finally cooled down to a comfortable temperature.

On Saturday, Jane came over to meet my parents. Jane is going to be in the delivery room with me when I have the baby. Steve and I thought it would be good for Jane and my parents to meet so that there were no strangers in the delivery room. We all had a great time. Jane got along great with my parents, and it was an enjoyable day.

Sunday, my parents went home and I did some laundry. It was nice to relax for a little while, but then I realized it was Asia's birthday and had to go get her something. We went to Wal-Mart and picked out a few toys for her. Just being out for the little while we were out made me miserable. I was feeling quite sick by the time we got home, so I just plopped down in the recliner and tried to cool down. That was my weekend in a nutshell!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

It's a GIRL!!!

Yesterday was finally the day to have the 20 week ultrasound. Steve met me and the kids at the doctor's office at 8am. I was very nervous, and excited. All of the kids and my family were convinced that I was going to have a boy. Brayden decided to change his mind on the way to the doctor's office, and stated he thought the baby was a girl. After 30 minutes of waiting, we finally got called back. The technician did all of her stuff first - measurements, making sure that the baby had all the major organs and stuff - and then the fun part. She moved the baby around a little to be able to get a good shot between her legs - and there it was - the "cheeseburger". I couldn't believe it. Even I had an inkling that we were going to have a boy.

I'm very excited. I didn't really mind what we had either way. I have one of each already, so either way is great. I'm excited about having a little girl. That means I get to dress her up in cute little dresses, and make cute lacy blankets for her. The kids are excited also. Payton wanted a girl all along. Brayden wanted a brother, but is happy it's a girl. He gets to keep his room all to his self now, so that's a plus for him.

After the ultrasound, I took the kids and my sister to eat breakfast. They were all very excited, as was I, so I thought it would be nice to get out with them for a while. I made all the phone calls I needed to. My sister called my mom, I called Leah, Payton called Jane, Brayden called Nanny. Everyone had their designated people to call. It was a fun day. Now that all the excitement is over with - hopefully the rest of the pregnancy will fly by. I'm excited to see her and hold her now.

Well, that's the update right now. I will keep you posted. :)