Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh My - Over a Year Later!!

I cant' believe that it's been over a year since I've updated this thing. I've gone from miserably pregnant to having a 1 year old in what seems no time at all.

My beautiful Jada Kindle was born on December 5th, 2007 around 5am. It was a less bumpy road that I expected. My doctor arranged to admit me at 4pm on December 4th to start a 12 hour induction process. Well, luckily enough, when I got to the hospital I found out that I had dialated to 4cm and so they could hook me straight up to some pitocin. The pitocin kicked in pretty fast and by 2am, I was in some pretty severe pain. I managed to keep going with no drugs - and after yelling and screaming for about an hour - I delivered a very healthy bundle of joy weighing in at 8lbs 14ozs!!!

This past year has been such a wonderful time. By 2 months old she was sleeping thru the night, at 4 months old she was starting baby food, at 6 months old she started eating "real people" food, she had cut 6 teeth by then too!! She was crawling around at 8 months old, and taking her first few steps around 9 months. By 10 months old, she was a walking pro - and we tossed out the baby food and made the complete transistion to "real people" food.

Jada's first birthday was spent surrounded by family. My mom, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, Steve's parents, brother and sister, Jane, and Sierra all came over to celebrate the big event. We had food, Jada opened up all of her presents, and then Jada enjoyed her cake. It was a long day for my baby girl - she didn't sleep all day long, so by 6pm that night she was out for the count.

Jada's first real Christmas was an exciting one too. She loved opening all of her presents, and unlike most babies - she wasn't only interested in the paper and boxes. After the first couple of presents, she seemed to realize that there was toys under all of the wrapping paper - and started tearing up the presents to see what was inside. She even had a go at trying to open her brother's and sister's gifts too..LOL

New Year started just that - a new year. Jada decided she wasn't going to miss out on the festitivites, and woke up at exactly midnight!! It was wonderful to have her awake so that I could kiss her just like I did with Payton and Brayden.

So - everyone else is fine and great!! There has been some changes, but nothing too major. I am in my last semester before getting my associates degree - and next semester I leave community college and go onto University. I'm excited about graduating. I'm working hard, studying lots, but still making time for all of my kids - and that's the most important thing to me.

My New Year's resolution is to keep this thing updated better - but I've said that before. Hopefully I can be better at it this year.