Monday, May 10, 2010

Officially a Senior!!

Spring semester has been and gone - and as of today I'm offically in my senior year. Today also marked the first day of the summer semester - yep, that means summer classes. BOO!!

The last day of the spring semester was last Monday - so I got a whopping 6 days off before having to start summer classes. I'm taking one class for the next 3 weeks, and then another class for the 3 weeks after that. Each class consists of going every day Monday - Friday from 12:30 - 3:20. It's going to be extremely hard, but over pretty quickly. I then get to spend 6 weeks off before starting my internship.

So, what's been going on the past two months?? Well, I quit my job on April 29th. It was planned - basically because there was no way I could hold down a job and go to school as much as I will be for the next year. I'm going to have to take advantage of student loans - but I gotta do what I gotta do.

I've lost almost 40lbs in the last 4 months!! Yep, starting January 17th, I decided it was time to lose some weight and get in shape - and it's been going great. I ran a 5K a couple of weeks ago - that was a huge thing for me. I was so proud of myself for doing it. I want to lose another 60lbs, but I'm well on my way.

Things are good, for the most part, with the kids. We're still having a lot of problems with Brayden. He started going to another school about a month ago. Things have gotten drastically worse with his behavior - and it looks as though we may have to consider medication. I'm willing to do what I can for him, but it's been pretty stressful.

I'm on a mission to start updating my blog daily - if not daily, at least once a week. I know I've said that many times before - so we'll see how it goes.

Till next time. :)