Friday, January 06, 2006

Maybe this is my year!!

Well, it's 2006. Usually, the New Year doesn't mean much to me - it's just another year. I'm hoping that this year is different. I have so many plans for this year. I'm hoping to get married ;) and we're hoping to start looking into buying a house in a few weeks. I just hope things all go according to plan.

Well, guess I should update on the holidays and stuff. Christmas was GREAT!!! We had a blast. Even Steve seemed to have a good time. The kids had a great time and got a bunch of neat stuff. The time at my parents was fun. We played darts and got drunk, and I got to see my brothers that I haven't seen in a while. It was a lot of fun. New Year's was just as fun. My brothers weren't there - but we still had a lot of fun getting drunk. :)

The job is going really well. I have been given some important projects to take care of which is keeping me very busy. But that's just how I like it. My boss is awesome - we get along great.

Had a surprise visitor last night. My ex's mom stopped by. Haven't seen her since April. She wanted to see the kids. We visited for a while, and it was kind of nice seeing her again. She stopped by tonight with my neice and we had along talk. She told me how shitty my ex was doing (no big surprise). She brought the kids some presents over. I could tell that she'd really missed seeing them. She's going to start coming over more often to see them. I'm totally fine with this - she seems to be totally fine with the kids calling Steve "dad" and she seems to be doing her best to not bring up my ex to them or confuse them in anyway. I'm going to see how things go with the spending time with his family again. It might be nice for the kids to spend some time with them. They seem to be totally sure of who they want to be their dad so I don't have a problem with it right now.